Friday, December 21, 2012

In case you were curious...

In case you wanted a peek at what I've been writing, my logline and first page for book #1 are up for critique here:

I don't use actual photos, or picture a specific person or actor when I'm writing a character, but lately, every time my husband was watching Fringe on TV, I was struck by how the two main characters on that show remind me of the hero and heroine in my book. So, this is kind of how I picture my Josh and Kate now. This could be a picture of them walking through NYC together.

I don't always picture my characters, but I do love to picture what my book cover might look like. I think Julie James has the most gorgeous covers, don't you?

Anyway, enjoy! :)

Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Would you like some whiskey with your spy tools, Mr. Mayor?

Every once in a while, I'll be watching CSI or another show where the police retrieve the search history on a suspect (or victim's) computer. I laugh, wondering WHAT IN THE WORLD they would think if they ever ran the search history on my laptop! As a writer, I am constantly searching and researching the weirdest things. A few examples?
  1. "Night vision binoculars" (for my hero who is a PI, of course)
  2. "How to run for Mayor"
  3. "Shades of brown" (don't go there...I was looking for an adjective to describe a character's hair)
  4. "Is it legal to photograph someone inside their house?" (again...for my PI)
  5. "Top shelf whiskey"
  6. "Britney Spear's honeymoon location" (don't ask...just, if I'm able to get it published, read the epilogue of the book)
  7. And tonight's winner..."how to check your browser's search history"