Monday, July 23, 2012

Why writing partners are worth their weight in gold

L to R: Eleanor, Nancy, Rachel, Annie

This weekend, I spent a fantastic plotting day with my critique group and came away with book #3 (almost) ready to go! This is our second plotting day, we do it every six months or so, with an hour devoted to each of us, and help each other flesh out our next books. Did I mention it was fantastic? We have so much fun together and make some great story magic as well.

I'm lucky enough to be part of two amazing writing groups. These lovely ladies I met through my local RWA chapter. My other group I met through the romance writing class I took two years ago. We all met at more or less the same stage in our writing career, and now several are published or on their way to publication. It's so exciting to watch!

We've exchanged critiques and advice, and I know for a fact my writing is 100% improved because of them. Writing partners are the best!

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