Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Pitch Madness

So, since I had a sparkly new manuscript ready to query, I decided to try my luck at Pitch Madness, hosted by the fabulous Brenda Drake. I submitted a 35 word pitch and the first 250 of my manuscript, UNLEASHED, and then sat back and chewed on my fingernails while the entries were whittled down to 60, which would be read and bid on by agents.

I sat up until midnight on that fateful night, waiting to see if I had made the cut. After nothing but rejection on my first manuscript, I was ready for disappointment. And then, at twelve a.m. on the dot, I refreshed the page, and UNLEASHED popped right up as one of the entries to be featured in the agent round of the contest. Needless to say, I didn't sleep much that night!

When Pitch Madness went live, agents shot "darts" at the manuscripts they wanted to read more of, with each dart representing a different amount of pages requested. I resisted the urge to give my manuscript one last polish, convinced I wouldn't get a hit. Just being included was enough of a boost to get me started querying this manuscript!

Click here to read my entry in Pitch Madness.

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